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Apple launches iPad 3- All you need to know

Apple Inc today launched a new product under its iPad series, named as iPad 3 however Apple CEO Tim Cook teased the device, which the company calls ‘the new iPad,’ not ‘iPad 3’ at an event in San Francisco on … Continue reading

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Origin Of Famous Names..

There are many companies / brands / products whose names were derived from strange circumstances/things/happenings. Mercedes This was actually the financier’s daughter’s name. Adobe This came from name of the river Adobe Creek that ran behind the house of founder … Continue reading

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Apple to release OS X Lion in July

The keynote address from Steve Jobs at Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference today has revealed 250 new features for the next version of its operating system – OS X Lion. Highlights include multi-touch gesturing, system-wide support for full-screen apps, a new … Continue reading

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Unlocked iPhone to hit US this week!!

iPhone fans may not need to resort to extreme actions to unlock their phones much longer. The Apple rumor mill is grinding away already this week, with a report that an unlocked iPhone 4 will become an option for U.S. … Continue reading

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7 things to know about the Apple i Cloud

Apple Inc CEO Steve Jobs has unveiled a new service for people to store their photos, music and other data online. Termed iCloud, the service challenges Google’s cloud-based offerings, which already use services like Gmail, Calendar, Picasa, and Google Docs … Continue reading

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iPhone 5 to be launched soon

We’re all excited about the next iteration of Apple’s all-conquering iPhone. Here are the hard facts we know – and the scurrilous rumours we’ve heard – about the launch of the iPhone 5. Media report that “iPhone 4S”, which has … Continue reading

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Apple to launch iCloud, iOS 5 on Monday, June 6

Had some doubts that Apple was heading skyward? Those lingering concerns can now be put to rest. Apple has confirmed that it will be announcing iCloud on June 6th, what it’s calling an “upcoming cloud services offering.” That will be … Continue reading

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