Happy to have Good Friday Today



     Josain – My grant Son

Today is Good Friday. This Friday is a Holiday world over for the Christians because it was believed by the people that Jesus Christ  crucified on this day.

As a holiday I had a lot of free time today and I entered into my computer and started browsing. I had this blog started on the year 2010. When my daughter gave birth to her boy child, I became very happy and placed the baby’s name to this blog as ‘Josain’s blog’.Josain is now Six years old.

After few years of running this blog, slowly the blogging activity get retarded and come to a stand-still. When I decided to revamp the blog, I came to know the truth that I forgot the log-in details. Unfortunately, I didn’t keep a record for that. Definitely it was my fault.I used to log-in with some wrong numbers and got tired. I discussed this matter to  some forum platforms even.I made representation to the admin team, but was not fruitful.  I tried to my level best to recover the forgotten data for many days, weeks and months. At last today, this Good Friday, I got the clue to log-in again and make a new post after three years.

So, I am very glad today on this account even though it is a Good Friday being observed by a christian man as a sad day.

Hope that I can continue my blogging endeavor without any problem.

About josain

I am from India, the world's largest democracy.
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