Issues with Android OS

You might well be aware about the Android, Open Source operating whose Intellectual Property Rights are with Internet giant Google Inc. Since Google plans to see the Android OS platform as the top platform that would give them a command in Smart Phone market. With over half-a-Million apps across Android Market Android has many applications as compared to its rival Apple’s App Store but here are few Cons that are acting as hurdle in Google’s dream to make Android world’s # 1 Smart Phone Operating.

Low Battery Back Up:-
Since Android OS is built on Java, due to the presence of daemon thread that is constantly running in background it badly effects the efficiency of the battery, irrespective of the facilities of Smart Phone applications/services being used or not.
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Very unstable and often hang or crash & Extremely inconsistency in design among apps:-
Although Google Inc constantly launches various new Versions of its Android versions named after tempting deserts,but however the among them very few versions are stable from the point of view of developer so a lot of applications do not support the latest version leading to the agony of the user using the latest version.

Relatively few if any update because the updates come from phone manufacturer not Google:-
Although Google Inc controls Android’s Intellectual Property Rights, but however as far updates for the end user is concerned its all managed by the manufacturer who has the hardware for Android OS.


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