Rajni- The Programmer

Here are few jokes on Rajinikanth and Java. (More or less they are related to many programming languages)

Rajni * Rajinikanth is the super class of all classes in Java (including Object class).

* Rajnikanth can override a final function/variable.

* Rajnikanth can serialize static data members of any class.

* Rajnikanth can serialize transient variables.

* Rajnikanth can extend interfaces in classes.

* Rajnikanth can “force” garbage collector to run..and guess what .. GC runs as higher priority thread n starts collecting garbage.

* Rajnikanth can make a class abstract and final both at same time.

* Rajnikanth never gets stackOverFlowexception.

* Rajnikanth never faces any exception (Rather, Java can face RajnikanthException for any exception conditions) (Improved from earlier).

* Rajnikanth never “try” any code, he directly “catch” the exceptions.

* Rajnikanth can run Java byte code on “any” machine (Including but not limited to Java Virtual Machine).

* Rajnikanth Can use Pointers in JAVA.

* Rajnikanth access all PRIVATE data of any class.

* Rajnikanth use Operator Overloading in Java.

* Rajnikanth pass losts of Parameter using “Pass By Reference”.

* Rajnikanth is only person who use printf() in java.

* Rajnikanth can Declare function body in INTERFACE.

* Rajnikanth can do MULTIPLE inheritance in JAVA straightfoward.

* Rajnikanth Run Thread Program without Thread LIFECYCLE.

* In catch box if u write catch(Rajnikant e) it will catch all exceptions including EXCEPTION E


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