Is the Indian Govt afraid of "Comman Man" ?

Recent Statements from Kapil Sibal,the Minister of Communications and Information Technology to censor the use of Internet Gaints Google & Facebook.Defending his stand on the censorship issue,the Minister said forcing such social networks and search engines to choose between their integrity against plans for growth on the subcontinent.

A lot people have criticized the Govt’s decision, citing that these online censorship could be against the “Right to Expression” right of every Indian Citizen.However, most of the people claim that the decision of Govt. is a threat for the Govt due to increasing attacks on Govt and Ministers, various corrupt people related to the ruling Congressmen.

With the recent rise to “India Against Corruption” revolution, launched by Anna Hazare which has a nation wide support,the Govt which forced the anti-corruption crusader to withdraw his 11 day long hunger-strike promising to bring a Strong LokPal bill in the winter Session of 2011. Citing the Govt has not kept its promise, the 74 year-old Social Activist has once again decided to raise the weapon he has earlier used against the govt.

The Anna Hazare 1.0 Version had gained a mass support from Millions of netizens(especially facebook), all round the globe and The Internet playing a very media in bringing revolution across the globe.So is the Govt afraid of the “Comman Man” ?


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I am from India, the world's largest democracy.
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