How to Boost your SmartPhone's Battery Life ?

Smart Phone Battery IssueAre you sick for the low  battery backup from your smart-phone with Lithium-ion battery, or Li-ion, ranging between 780mAh and 1200mAh ? So here is an article that will help you to increase your smartphones battery life.Since there has been a lot of revolution for battery designed for portable devices, but SmartPhones are the devices that end up with a lot of power consumption because the display of a normal smartphones consumes more power than ordinary highend cell-phone.

Most of the high-end SmartPhones provide with a standby time of up to 300 hours and up to ten hours talk time.A typical smartphone features around five hours talk time on 3G (2-3 times more on 2G) and 150 hours standby time, but there is sharp drop in this rate when you play media and games or surf the web.Since the Operating System that a SmartPhone is working on has to do a lot of backend jobs, ulitmately it ends on giving you a low battery backup.

However, you can achieve a significant increase in your battery backup and battery life of your smartphone by implementing the following tips.

Battery Charge Cycle:-Battery Charge Cycle,is the process of charging a rechargeable battery and discharging it as required into a load,is a crucial parameter as far as your smartphone’s battery back-up is concerned.

  • Make sure that your battery has been drained enough and you have less than 5% battery back-up left. After your cellphone battery drops  below 5% percent switch off your cell and start charging. Charge the phone fully (ie, until phone shows 100% charged) without interruption. Please repeat the discharge / charge cycle once. This procedure will unlock maximum performance for extended use.Please use only phone to charge (most battery chargers ignore smartchip information from the battery). Never charge a battery with the phone switched off for more than 6 hours. When the phone is off, smartchip information from the battery is ignored, including when to switch to trickle charging, and when the battery is full.

Kill Unwanted Tasks:- Since plenty of tasks run simultaneously,make sure that you constantly check for all the unwanted task and kill them. I would reckon you to use built-in task manager for this purpose, as an external task manager/killer app would mean another task running.


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