Iphone 4S Review

It may look like the same old Iphone which the Apple company launched in 2010 , but hey , its something new in old shell .
The physical appearance may look same but the internals are very much new.

This one comes with a new rocessor named A5 from Apple, Camera has been upgraded to give much smoother shots and recordings. its also packed with a new antenna design and new radio .

The rumors were that Apple will launch Apple Iphone 5 in its 4 the October conference but they launched Iphone 4S. But you may think this as the start of Iphone 5 .

Apple iPhone 4S

This Iphone 4S comes with totally new operating system loaded with very big improvements that will truly surprise you.

1) Hardware and Design :-
This phone is the best looking phones of all , The shape of this phone still amazes some designers to think something new for designing their phones, the design is not like all other ordinary phone , this phone stands apart from that . and if this were to be a car, this would have been a Mercedes . lol.

2) Camera :-
Iphone 4S has a 5 Mega Pixel camera with a bigger sensor and more number of lenses packed together to give you more clarity and stability while capturing pictures and shooting videos. it feels like a real camera while taking pictures . the output is just amazing.

3) Inside Specs :-
As I already said this phone has A5 processor , its clocked at 800 MHZ and has 512 MB onboard RAM.

4) Introduction Of Siri :-
This is the new Virtual Assistant Introduced by Apple in the new Iphone 4s .

This is the most talked about feature on the phone . Amazing thing is that it talks with you and answers your questions like a friend.

5) Pricing :-
This is the best part lol.

You can get your own iphone for 16GB ($199 on-contract), 32GB ($299), or 64GB ($399) .


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