Apple Announces Press Conference For iPhone 5

Apple announces press conference for iPhone 5 .
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AApple has finally announced a press conference for Tuesday 4 October, where the company will almost certainly unveil the iPhone 5. The invitation hints that it will be one phone that is announced, which is likely to be the iPhone 5 rather than the much-discussed iPhone 4S. The phrase ‘let’s talk iPhone’ has also immediately been linked to a rumour that Assistant will be a key feature of the next generation phone.


The world has been waiting for Apple to confirm the date, which has been widely rumoured and mooted, and the invites, in the US at least, have finally gone out.
Although we are still waiting for news on an iPhone 5 UK release date or a UK price we’re still hoping that it will be on these shores in time for the busy Christmas period.
The iPhone 5 will not only bring iOS 5 but almost certainly the integration of the A5 processor, bringing a more powerful experience.
SmartTechBlog will, of course, bring you extensive coverage from the launch and all the details that you have been waiting for.

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    Hi, I agree with every statement that you have made in the post and I really appreciate your effort in

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