5 Facts About Google Android You’ll Enjoy Reading

The Google Android operating system is one of the later mobile operating systems to come into society. It is now used for powering cell phones, tablet computers and even netbooks. Over this time it has accrued popularity and notoriety as being one of the greatest mobile operating systems in current existence of all time. Though you may know what it is you probably don’t know the facts on Google Android so here are 5 you’ll enjoy reading.

Google Didn’t Invent Android – Android Inc. Did.Now that’s it known as Google Android it gives you the impression that Google were the masterminds behind Android but this is not true. Google actually purchased a firm back in 2005 that was known as Android Inc. who were the initial developers of the Android operating system

The Operating System is Made up of Over 12 Million Lines of CodeFor the less technical out there you won’t be too sure on what we mean by code. Basically code is a type of language used in most technology to make it operate how it is supposed to. With the Android operating system it is said to be over 12 millions lines in size

It is Based on the Linux KernelLinux is the operating system of choice for a lot of highly technical computer geeks and especially in regards to security as it has a better core for security purposes. It is also a highly malleable operating system that is free to use so many technologies base their systems on it. In this case the Android operating system is based around the Linux kernel.

The Updates for Android are Named After Pastries
Like all software and operating systems Android gets regular updates which are quite intriguingly named using words associated with pastries and pastry baking moving forwards in alphabetical order. So far there has been Cupcake, Donut, Eclair, Froyo, with Gingerbread on the way.

The First Phone to Run on Android was the HTC DreamThe HTC dream released on 22 October 2008 was the first mobile phone to run on the android operating system. This was the beginning of the Android mobile craze that we see today.

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