The 10 things you didn't know about Lokpal bill

10 things you didn’t know about Lokpal bill and the movement, Arvind Kejriwal explains.Please share it so that more and more people would be aware of Lokpal Bill.

Lokpal Bill

1. Aam Admi’s inputs incorporated in to Jan Lokpal Bill
Jan Lokpal bill has had 13 versions. Over 3000 responses and suggestions from the common man have been incorporated into the final version put forth by Team Anna.

2 ‘Bringing PM under the ambit of the Lokpal bill – not our primary aim’
This is an issue that has been given undue publicity by the media. It has been blown out of proportion. We want everyone to be held accountable. The government’s draft of the bill doesn’t bring anyone under the ambit of an independent authority not corrupt panchayat, NREGA employees or people who refuse to issue you a ration card. If government’s version is implemented then the Lokpal will not have the authority to investigate the Adarsh scam, the Reddy brothers- mining scam, cash-for-votes scam or even the fodder scam.

3. CBI sole investigation authority in government draft.
Government is not interested in eradicating corruption. In its draft of the Lokpal bill it has said that CBI can act against ministers and PM, and the CBI reports to the PM. For the judiciary, if a HC judge is accused of corruption, a 3 member bench of the HC will investigate and decide whether action should be taken against him. This is a futile exercise and mockery of democracy.

4. What if the Lokpal becomes corrupt?

The Lokpal will be accountable to the people of India. Any person who has proof of corruption by the Lokpal can submit a petition on a plain paper to the Supreme Court. The apex court will have to look into the matter within three months and give its decision.

5. With so much authority, who will keep a check on Lokpal and the committee?
Lokpal is only an independent investigating authority. It cannot act against the corrupt. It will only submit the report to the Supreme Court which will take the relevant action.

6. How can these 5 members of Team Anna claim to speak for the entire civil society?
Team Anna doesn’t want the people to be loyal to Anna Hazare or Arvind Kejriwal, we only want them to support what is right – the Jan Lokpal bill. While it is true that Anna has filled the leadership void in the country to a certain level, we do not have political ambitions. We don’t have a national coordinator, chieftains or cadres as we are not a ‘sangathan’ or organisation. Our leadership is grass-root level which has emerged by itself and this also ensures that the movement doesn’t suffer from petty political infighting. However, we have recently constituted a core committee of about 15 members and an advisory committee of 30-35 members.

7. Why are Baba Ramdev and Anna Hazare not seen on the same platform?
It is not necessary that they are seen on the same platform, they support one another. Baba Ramdev has brought the black money issue to the fore front. Yes, we did have certain issues like his relationship with RSS etc however we have tremendous respect for Baba Ramdev and his work.

8. Why have you suggested that both CBI and CVC should be brought under the Lokpal?
This has been suggested for a simple reason that otherwise each village will have two stations – one Lokpal and one CBI. Also the jurisdiction will remain unclear whether a particular case should come under the purview of the CBI or CVC or Lokpal.

9. What is your stand on Black money?
We have asked that the Lokpal be allowed to track the black money trail till the very end – outside the country. Currently, within the country the CBI handles the matter however, once the money is transferred abroad, the ED comes into the picture and everything gets muddled. WE have suggested that the Lokpal be able to track the money and have the authority to ensure that the black money is brought back to India.

10. How can the common man get involved in the movement?
We are starting a program where groups of people will go to different parts of the country and educate the masses about the Lokpal bill. It will explain the difference between the government version and Team Anna version. All those who want to help should form groups and help with this education campaign. We have CDs and pamphlets which also explain this difference and this should be distributed among people as well. The CD can be downloaded from our website and used to educate as many people as possible about what we are trying to do. Also when and if Anna sits on a fast, people across India should join him from wherever they are and show the government how serious India is about bringing about this change.


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