Google Plus Secret Commands

Google Plus is a social networking site by Google Inc. Google Plus is still in beta stage, And of course, when the Social Networking site Google Plus will be launched, the fun will begin to find tips, tricks and shortcuts to fully exploit the great innovation.

Google PLus LogoIf you already have the access to Google +, you can start testing the following tricks. If you have not received an invitation, don’t worry you can request one here at the blog post.


Here are some shortcuts you can use to make Google Plus even simpler.

  • Use the keys J and K to scroll the page down and up, respectively.
  • Use the key Q twice to search and add people to your chat known as huddles.
  • With a post selected, press Enter to enable their comments. Use the Tab + Enter combination to publish the text.
  • While writing, you can easily use special tags for formatting. Put words in asterisks * to make them bold, italic and underlines _ for hyphens to draw a line over the word or phrase marked by them. Ex: * bold *; _italic_-branded e-.
  • To mention any contact or while sharing a post, type @ or + and then start typing the person’s name. Once there, select it from the flyout that appears.
  • If you share a message with a very small amount of people and they do not want to pass this forward to sharing it, you can disable this function by using the Disable Share feature, accessible by clicking on the little arrow in the upper right of the publication.
  • Click on the word Limited, along with the given date and time of publication, to see the list of people with whom you are sharing the message.
  • By submitting a Google Plus public post, none of your contacts will receive a single email notifications.
  • If you want the people of only a circle to get notified by an email, when writing the message, pause the mouse and enable the option Notify Circle.
  • You can use the speech recognition function of Google Translatator to facilitate the communication between speakers of different languages ​​that are being talked in the hangout.

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