Rolls Royce Facts And some History

This post contains some good Facts and Sone History about the well known Luxury Car Manufacturer Rolls Royce.

Their were two founders of this company. First was- Charles Stewart Rolls and second was – Sir Frederick Henry Royce.

-The first 10 hp Rolls-Royce was sold for £395…Today it is worth over £250,000
-More than six out of ten of all Rolls-Royce Motor cars built are still roadworthy
-At the Rolls-Royce factories in Crewe and London the cars are always referred to as Royces.
They are never called Rollers
-The Rolls-Royce radiator grille is made entirely by hand and eye – no measuring instruments are used

-It takes one man one day to make a Rolls-Royce radiator, and then five hours are spent polishing it
-The Rolls -Royce radiator was not registered as a trademark until 1974
-It takes over 800 man-hours to make the body of a Phantom VI
-During the First World War Rolls-Royce made rifles

-You will never open an ashtray in a modern Rolls-Royce and find a cigarette end.

It empties automatically
-A Rolls-Royce does not break down. It ‘fails to proceed.’
-Notices have been hung around the factory bearing the legend: ‘Beware silent cars.’
-Even today every Rolls-Royce engine is completely hand built
-The cooling capacity of the air-conditioning system in the Silver Spirit is equivalent to that of
30 domestic refrigerators
-No one is certain who designed the Rolls-Royce radiator grille or the interlinked RR badge

-The hydraulic tappets on Rolls-Royce and Bentley motor cars are given a natural finish
of a 16-millionth of an inch
-The oldest known Rolls-Royce still on the road is the 1904 10hp owned by Mr Thomas Love Jr of
-Rolls-Royce did not make a complete car until after the Second World War. Before that they made only
chassis, the bodies being added by outside coachbuilders
-Sir Henry Royce’s first job was a newspaper delivery boy for W H Smith & Son Ltd
-Sir Henry Royce was always known as ‘R’ at the factory. The practice of addressing people by their initials,
especially on written memorandums, is still continued at the factory
-In 1949 an Italian owner, seeking permission to modify his Rolls-Royce, commissioned a seance to

call up Henry Royce’s spirit. Rolls-Royce legend has it that the advice from beyond the veil was:
“Consult your authorised distributor”

-Examine the coachline that extends the full length of the Silver Spirit, you may be surprised to learn that it is
applied by hand. This unerring line is 15′ 6″ long.

-At one time, Rolls-Royce engines held World Speed Records in the Air, on Land and on Water,

-It is possible that Rolls-Royce Motors is the best known British company name in the World. Letters have
been received from remote corners of the globe addressed to the Royal Family, care of Rolls-Royce, England.

-There are 27 Electric Motors in every Silver Spirit.

-The Vicar of St Marys, Nantwich, took a Rolls-Royce into his church and blessed it, along with fruit &
vegetables at the Harvest Festival service. A member of the congregation remarked “It’s going in for it’s first service”.

-The badge on the Rolls-Royce was changed from Red to Black not, as popularly
believed to commemorate Henry Royce’s death, but because Royce himself decided
-Black was aesthetically more appropriate. Some customers complained that the red badge often clashed with the
colour of the car. The Prince of Wales was particularly outspoken on the subject.
-Every piece of glass in a Silver Spirit is given a final polish with powdered pumice of a fineness normally used for polishing optical lenses
-Just inside the main entrance to the offices at the Roll-Royce factory in Crewe, there is a bust of Henry Royce facing one of Charles Rolls. For many years the bust of Royce stood in No 1 shop at the Derby factory and contained his ashes, until they were sent to Alwalton church were Royce had been christened.
-The 4 final polishings on some gearbox components was not done with jewellers rouge (which is too coarse) but fine ground oat husks

-Although he designed some of the great aero engines of all time, Royce never travelled in an aircraft.
‘I have only one regret’ said Royce as he lay dying, ‘that I have not worked harder.’
-After singing the praises of Rolls-Royce Cars over tea with Henry Royce, an aristocratic lady asked,
as an afterthought, ‘but Sir Henry, what would happen if the factory at Derby produced a bad car?’
Sir Henry answered,
“Madam. the man on the gate would not let it out of the works.”
-Royce left £112,000 in his will, mostly to his faithful nurse, Ethel Aubin.
-At the Crewe factory Rolls-Royce run an ‘Employee Learning Centre’ an initiative started by the company in 1994
and run by George Ellis, who’s brief was to develop a learning culture throughout the factory. It was considered that the best way to do this was to encourage employees to learn non-voctional subjects entirely of their own choice, with all learning to be done outside of working hours and according to George it has been a huge success. George says, ” This year a thousand employees will have been on courses as far apart as Golf lessons, Indian Cooking, Ballroom Dancing, Computer Basics, GCSE Maths and Mig Welding, all paid for by the company. Last year I enrolled an employee on a joinery course and he has since made a bed, this year he has enrolled on a Bricklaying course, he says he is going to build an extra bedroom to put the bed in!”


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