Features your Smart Phone must have

Now-a-days Smart Phones are taking the place of notebooks/laptops that replaced desktop systems which have provided the users with the freedom to be portable.Also, as a Status symbol a lot of users are getting themselves upgraded to Smart Phones. Since,most of them wish to make these Smart Phones as a one time investment and have themselves upgraded to the latest hardware and software(at least for a few months). So lets see what features you need to lookout for before buying or rather investing in a Smart Phone.

Smart PhonesWi-Fi :-Your smartphone should support for Wi-Fi connectivity. These days, you will find free or paid Wi-Fi hotspot almost everywhere including cafe’s, hotel lounges and other social places.
Just switch on WiFi and connect online in seconds.

Battery :-Your smartphone will surely work as your single work and entertainment unit,on which apart from making calls you will do tasks like browsing the internet, chatting, listening to music, watching videos to relax yourself.Make sure that you get a superior quality battery as inferior quality batteries are installed to keep the cost of the mobile.Also,if your SmartPhone supports multi-tasking make sure that you have an application that switch offs all the unwanted programs that run in the background as this feature consumes a lot of battery.

RAM memory :-This is surley the important peripheral of the smartphone and have 512 MB as per current standards. Of course this will change quickly as RAM gets cheaper with increasing smartphone base.

USB connectivity :-It is mandatory for cell-phones to have connectivity to USB ports since USB is a standard these days to connect to any other electronic device like a laptop or a digital camera.
Smartphones generally do not have the USB of the same size as a laptop but they do carry a Micro USB and a converter cable to connect to laptop USB port.Also, when you connect your smartphone and your laptop with this micro USB to USB connector, the phone’s battery starts charging itself too! So, that is another great feature supported in many smartphones today.

3G :-Even if you do not plan to use 3G in near future due to high cost of usage currently, you should ask for a 3G enabled device. Keeping the pace of enhancements in mobile technology in mind, the day is not too far when 3G will also be cheap and you would then be able to access high speed internet on the go itself.
Also keep a check that SmartPhone is equipped with a dual camera.

GPS :-Another important feature that is gaining relevance in Indian market. GPS is a global positioning system which helps you find directions using your latitute and longitude position on earth map. It is highly used feature in GPS, smartphones and cars in US and other developed countries where the population is low and you can’t find people to show you the way.

Good OS :-Your experience on using a smartphone will largely be defined by the OS (operating system) it is running on. Google’s Android is one the best mobile OS currently in market.
It is an open source OS with a large base of application developers. So, it is a good idea to look in for Android enabled smartphone and expose yourself to thousands of Android applications.

Source:-Features you must look for in a SmartPhone


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