Google Voice and Image Search

Google the most powerful and dominant search engine on the web which is constantly being challenged by its rival Microsoft Inc’s Bing Search engine, who is adding several new features to its search engine.In-order to cope with this, Google Inc has decided to provide users with more interactive and lucrative Search engine by searching the image using their voice.

At Google’s ‘Inside Search’ event the company announced a new featture in Google’s Search images option that would enable users to search using images, enter search terms by voice and have the top search results pre-rendered so they appear instantly.
Users can also drag and drop an image from website or from their local storage devices ver the Google search box and Google will try and identify it and bring up relevant results.

Users can slo copy-paste the image URL or by uploading images using their Camera icon in search box.Also extensions for Chrome and Firefox browsers that will let users search an image on the web by right-clicking on it.The company is planning rolling out the feature globally in 40 languages now. If you point your browser to and see a camera icon in the search box, however, you should be good to go.

Another feature making its way from mobile devices to the desktop is Voice Search. The feature is limited to Chrome 11 or higher version users who will see a microphone icon in the search box. Users can click on the icon and speak their search – provided their computer has a built-in or attached microphone.

Also revealed at ‘Inside Search’ is Instant Pages, which is basically an evolutionary step of its Instant Search feature introduced last year that provides search results as you type. To speed up things even further, Instant Pages will pre-render the top search result in the background so it will appear instantly when clicked. Instant Pages will be included in the next beta release of Chrome but can be tried now with the developer version.

Source:-Google Voice and Image Search


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