How to save Energy at Home ?

Saving Energy is the need of the hour for all men women and children all over the world. There is a scarcity of natural resources and the ways of energy generation will get a set back if the issue is not addressed. Saving Power at home is the least we can do, but it will in the bigger picture save the energy consumption of the world by a huge figure. If every one of us do our bit, the earth will be definitely left with energy for our next generation to see and feel. Here is a list of ten ways of saving energy while at home:

1. Use CFL lights.

2. Switch off the lights of the rooms you are not using.

3. Use AC in the sleep mode while you sleep.

4. Charge your Cell phones through USB.

5. Do not unnecessarily switch on the geyser.

6. Switch off all the lights when you go out of home.

7. Use as much Sunlight as possible.

8. Use Solar Lamp for Studies.

9. Don’t spoil water at home.

10. Efficient usage of Electric Cooking System.


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I am from India, the world's largest democracy.
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