Twenty Cell-phones with highest radiation

Like in my previous post (Cell Phone Radiation: Best and Worst Handsets)I have shared best and worse handsets in terms of radiations, here is another list I would to share.This list includes cell-phones with highest radiations.

1.Motorola i576:-The Motorola i576 is a Nextel flip phone with a rugged slant.
SAR: 1.45

2.Kyocera X-tc:-One of three Virgin Mobile phones to make the list.
SAR: 1.45

3.Kyocera Wild Card M1000:-The Wild Card M1000 is rated ever so slightly higher than the X-tc.
SAR: 1.46

4.Motorola Atrix 4G:-The powerful dual-core Motorola Atrix 4G Android model from AT&T earned high marks from editor Bonnie Cha when it was first released.
SAR: 1.47

5.LG Chocolate Touch:-The LG Chocolate Touch is one of two LG phones on our list.
SAR: 1.47

6.HTC Desire:-The HTC Desire is a U.S. Cellular Android model.
SAR: 1.48

7.Motorola Droid 2:-A couple of Droids are on the list, including the Droid 2 (the Droid X just avoided making the list with a 1.43 SAR rating).
SAR: 1.49

8.Motorola Droid:-The older Droid is tied with the newer Droid 2.
SAR: 1.49

9.Sanyo Vero:-The Vero is your basic Sprint flip phone.
SAR: 1.49

10.LG Rumor 2:-The Rumor 2 is designed for texting.
SAR: 1.51

11.ZTE Salute:-This inexpensive Verizon phone is the carrier’s first from China-based mobile device manufacturer ZTE.

12.Motorola Grasp:-A basic texting model for U.S. Cellular.
SAR: 1.52

13.Motorola Defy:-Editors called T-Mobile’s Motorola Defy “a great midtier Android smartphone.”
SAR: 1.52

14.Nokia Astounda.k.a Nokia C7:-Editor Bonni Cha called the Nokia Astound a beautifully designed and affordable smartphone for T-Mobile, but also said there are other budget-friendly options available with better performance.
SAR: 1.53

15.Motorola i335:-A candy-bar-style Nextel phone.
SAR: 1.53

16.Kyocera Jax S1300:-Virgin’s inexpensive Jax S1300.
SAR: 1.55

17.Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Mini Pro:-Android-powered Xperia X10.
SAR: 1.55

18.Sony Ericsson Satio (Idou):-This fancy multimedia maven, the Sony Ericsson Satio, used to top our list, but now comes in third place with a 1.56 rating.
SAR: 1.56

19.Motorola Droid 2 Global:-Yes, there are two different version of the Motorola Droid 2. This model–the Global version–comes in higher than its domestic sibling.
SAR: 1.58

20.Motorola Bravo:-Motorola Bravo for topping our chart at No. 1, but cheers are probably not in order here. Just in case you’ve never heard of it, the Bravo is a relatively inexpensive midrange Android smartphone with solid multimedia features.
SAR: 1.59

Cell Phone Radiation: Best and Worst Handsets

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