Tips for Microsoft Word

Use Microsoft Word more efficiently

Step 1. It can be irritating to copy and paste text from the web into a Word document and find that hyperlinks remain intact. Right-clicking each link and choosing ‘Remove Hyperlink’ can be time-consuming if you have multiple instances; instead, select all the text (Ctrl, A) and press Ctrl, Shift, F9.

Step 2. It’s possible to increase font sizes by double-clicking to select the text you want and then choosing from the options available in the ribbon toolbar. A faster method is to hold down Shift and use the arrow keys to select the text, then press ] to increase or [ to decrease the font size in 1pt increments.

Step 3. Shuffling paragraphs around using normal cut-and-paste methods can be fiddly. To save time, place the cursor anywhere within the paragraph you want to move. Press Alt, Shift and the Up arrow to swap the paragraph with the one above it or Alt, Shift and the Down arrow to move it down.

Step 4. Tables can be tricky to edit and format. To release the text, highlight it, choose the Table tab and click Convert, Table to Text. When you’ve finished editing, separate your columns with Tab breaks and click Convert, Text to Table. You’ll be presented with options to adjust the width of columns and rows in the table.

Step 5. If you want to create a document with some parts invisible to some readers, the Hidden text function is ideal. Select the text you want to hide, then click Format, Font and select ‘Hidden’. To view it, click Tools, Options, View and tick ‘Hidden Text’. To print the whole document select Options, Print and select ‘Hidden Text’.

Step 6. Microsoft Office comes with a number of document templates; if you can’t find what you need, more can be downloaded from Alternatively, create your own. To save a document as a template, choose Save As and select Document Template in the ‘Save as type’ field.



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