How to Clean and Tidy Your Facebook Profile Including Older Posts!

Facebook cleaning Profiles

Cleaning your Facebook profile remains an essential phase to keeping your online social status fresh. An efficient profile helps boost your social image as well as increasing your socialising potential as you disregard older irrelevant posts. A few simple tasks can help your Facebook profile stand out as a highly maintained site with useful content. The process of cleaning your Facebook profile remains an extremely easy task to get to grips with. A tidier profile will help increasing browsing speed within the site and greater socialisation with relevant news feeds from your true friends only. Enhancing your personal web-based security through successful cleaning exists as fundamental benefits of a professional Facebook clean.

How to delete those old Facebook posts

It’s surprising how many posts you will have made on your wall as you search through your older posts. The question remains how relevant are they today and is tee any incriminating evidence that you really shouldn’t have posted? To delete old or unwanted Facebook posts simple find the unwanted post you no longer need and right click the “x” button in the top right hand corner of the post. It’s worth bearing in mind that you’ll need to also delete any associated photos from your “Wall Profile Album” as well as the post itself. If you decide not to do this the photos will still remain for all to see, even if the Facebook post no longer exists.

Editing old or unsolicited Facebook friendships

Friendships accumulate extremely easy through regular use of the number one socialising site so with over 1,000 friends it’s going to be extremely necessary to do a little spring clean. The important of a good purge of your friendship list helps make your home news feed significant to those people you actively desire to socialise with. The steps to edit your friendships involves simply going to your “Account” in top right of screen. Select “Edit Friends” to begin your friendship purge.

How to create Facebook lists as well to help re-organise your friends

One of the great as well as often under-used features of Facebook is the organisational tool “List” option for dividing social groups. Allocating friends into certain groups will help you communicate to those groups separating work from personal, or school from university will help you socialise far more efficiently. How to create a list involves going to your “Account”, “Edit Friends” and select “Create a List name”. The next step involves adding friends from your friend’s database to your created lists in Facebook. Lists remain a simple, yet extremely important function, all at the touch of a button.

How to Removing the right hand panel in Facebook

Using an internet based script to remove the right hand side column display within Facebook will ensure your profile looks professional. Not many veteran users find the right hand section useful anymore. However ensure your script is legitimate as well as endorsed by Facebook. Illegal scripting remains a security risk.

Make sure your privacy settings have updated

Cleaning your Facebook profile also means you’ll need to update your privacy settings. This has two main purposes. Firstly you can reduce the amount of other people’s news feeds especially those who are friends-of-friends, while increasing your online internet security simultaneously. Simply change the settings for some of your options to only notify friends, not friends-of-friends, or mutual friends.


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