Facebook tips

Facebook is undoubtedly the home for all netizens and users wish to share all of their information on this social networking site as their status update. However these updates on social networking site may land you in trouble or can lead to criticism, embarrassment and even job termination.

So in order to stay away from any trouble please use the following tips:-

1.That your job is useless:-If you say this, you could surely loose your job as it shows your unwillingness and lack of commitment in your job with your current employer.

2.That you hate your ex:-Never try to express too much about your self as this may increase the rift between you and your ex and could surely cause serious issues in your present relationship.
Although social networking sites provide the facility to delete comments, however many-a-times its too late.

3.That you’re going on vacation and then give the dates you’re away:-
You could be on hit-list of burglars looking to take away all your precious stuff.

4.That you love yourself:-
In fact, don’t give any indication that you’re your biggest fan. Your followers will only think the opposite. It’s the biggest barometer of insecurity. Researchers at the University at Buffalo also found that women who base their self-worth on appearance and what people think of them tend to upload pictures very frequently.

5.That you’re mean:-
Saying mean things about people can only make you undesirable-for potential employers, friends and strangers.


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I am from India, the world's largest democracy.
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2 Responses to Facebook tips

  1. Good tips for newbies.

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. I like you article,thank you very much!

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