“Sleepless Nights, grey hairs with the same fade of beard… It was a bunch of youngsters given to me along with a GOD.. Everyone mastered their skills but I alone was failing everytime…

But when Sachin walked back into the pavilion with his face down I was upset… I quickly padded up. The whole team was looking at me and Garry alone backed my decision to move up the order.

I was not even able to run but the only thing that flashed my mind was Sachin’s childish face looking at the entire crowd ” OHH sorry, it was my mistake to leave the ground so soon”.. Will anyone like GOD putting his face down in front of his own crowd?? I cant allow that happen…

I controlled my pian and decided to go… and we had the last laugh along with the cry….”
-Mahendra Singh Dhoni


About josain

I am from India, the world's largest democracy.
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