Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar – The Ageless Wonder

After 21 years of incessant toil,

He won us the World cup on our very own soil.

Milestone after milestone he has never failed to achieve,

Therefore, he is much above a genius – This everyone does believe.

It is about the enigma he radiates 24*7,

For his masterful contribution, he deserves a place in heaven.

From “ENDULKAR” to “TONDULKAR”, he has seen it all,

Among all legends, his name stands tall.

No one is unknown to his prowess and might,

This makes for the opposition a pitiful sight.

With 99 memorable centuries to his name,

He has undoubtedly surpassed every other in the game.

He is a batsman like no other,

When he hits it, the fielder doesn’t have to bother.

Reason is, his shots are forever so clean,

That to bowl to him, a player is never keen.

Nothing can be straighter than Sachin’s straight drive,

This shot is enough to make us jive.

Like this, several such instances can be produced,

Regarding how in the opposition, goosebumps he has induced.

Unanimously, he has been titled as “LORD OF CRICKET”,

To the height of perfection, he has soared like a rocket.

His chastity and grace make him all the more adored,

With him batting, nothing but a miracle is, getting bored.

Nothing I say can ever suffice,

in praising God who is so modest and nice.

The last thing I can do is bow with reverence,

whenever God sends the ball over the fence.

Hail to our LORD !! Hail to his perseverance !!

Earnestly hoping his feats stay in everyone’s remembrance.

This tribute of mine is to say, “I RESPECT YOU VERY MUCH”,

Hope, the reader with me will shout, “LONG LIVE SACH !!”.

About josain

I am from India, the world's largest democracy.
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