What is Cloud Computing ? How does Cloud Computing Work ?

Recently Internet giant Google Inc, has launched its own CHROMEBOOK, and has surely set up platform that might well be used to define the new way devices that are built and optimized for web are looked upon.Since the Google ChromeBook works on a very low hardware configuration and surely Google believes that device would perform a lot “smarter” that current devices.

The main reason why Google has given this books a low amount of software configuration is simple. Google intends to make monopoly on the CLOUD-COMPUTING.Since ChromeBooks have configuration that would only be suitable for running an operating System and web browser where as hardware just to establish a proper internet connection so to make sure that all the files and tasks can be shared in a particular LAN.

In other words Cloud Computing is also defined as “software as a service”. In other words by using CLoud Computing we can surely share resources at a central server from where we can surely access all the information from a particular Network connected via a proper gateway with upon authentication would give authority to perform various tasks online.

Simultaneous tasks can be performed like tasks which require a lot of human effort could be solved easily and without any efforts.

How it works ?

Cloud computing utilizes any network as a means of communication with the user to resources that are based in the ‘cloud’, as opposed to actually possessing them. The ‘cloud’ may be accessed via the Internet or a company network, or both. Cloud services tend to provide same efficiency Linux, Mac ,Windows platforms and also not to under estimate the rising number of Smartphones and tablets.

Tasks like backing up large amount of data or procession a very heavy file would normally be difficult, time consuming, or expensive for individuals or small firms, especially with limited computing resources and funds. With ‘cloud computing’, clients has to fulfill requirements like simple computer, such as netbooks which were created with cloud computing in mind, or even a smartphone, with a connection to the Internet, or a company network, in order to make requests to and receive data from the cloud, hence the term “software as a service” (SaaS). Computation and storage is divided among the remote computers in order to handle large volumes of both, thus the client need not purchase expensive hardware or software to handle the task. The outcome of the processing task is returned to the client over the network, depending on the speed of the Internet connection.


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