How to write a review ?

“Sony Ericsson k530i is a great cell-phone” this is how I react when some one asks me for the review of my cell-phone.Its the general feedback which I give when some body asks me about my experience with the cell-phone I use or how comfortable I feel or the changes which I think must be there in the cell-phone so that would have surely been a value for bucks phone.

This was just an example where reviews can be shared, as a user or as an expert you can share your review on almost any thing in which you think you are an expert.

For example,let us suppose that we are writing a review on a cell-phone,
Following things must be done.

  • Make sure that you have the right information of the cell-phone you wish to write.
  • Share as many images as you have so that your user reader gets an clear idea of the phone that is being reviewed.
  • Last but  the most important one the correct information of the phone is to be shared, specially its features and specifications.

There are many reviewers who write about reviews but I feel one the best review is here.


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