The advantage of ANDROID OS

Well with the increasing number of dependence on wireless sources of technology for faster smarter and better connectivity its is important to make sure the these sources are of equal dependence.

Since Android is one of the dominating Operating System that is widely used in many cellphones varying from cellphones to smartphones so it is really important for the users to know the advantage of Android OS.

Phones with AndroidOS are more widely known for their fast processing as in the case of multi-tasking and provide with more flexibility in customizing the cellphone with a wide rang of handsets thus allowing the user get full use of the handset he owns.

Taking in the view the importance of Android OS leading cell phone manufacturing firm SONY ERICSSON has offered optional upgrade to Android OS for its customers who are using its XPERIA series



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One Response to The advantage of ANDROID OS

  1. prince says:

    I think Android os much better from Iphone OS. many free ad on application, based on open source to instal on our gadget

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