Secure and Protect your Android Phone

Internet giant Google’s mobile software Operating System Android last week suffered a major malware attack when a popular application called “DroidDream” was found to be infected and started off by stealing user private personal information.The Google platform recently topped the US market with 31% users depending on the Android based cell phones.

Since the number of users using this popular OS has increased so the target on this OS by hackers has also seen a a considerable amount of gain.

Its the first time that Android has such a significant target for hackers and other who are try to take advantage of platform’s popularity. It is the time to get smart about Google Android security. The following six tips and tricks will help do just that.

1) Protect Your Android with a Password–Now!
2) Customize Locked Home Screen with Owner Info.
3) Do NOT Root Your Android Device.
4) Stick to the Official Android Market for Apps.
5) Google Android Antivirus.
6) Android Wireless Connectivity and Security.



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I am from India, the world's largest democracy.
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