Cricket Fever Grips up…..Watch it online….I

With TEAM INDIA being crowned as the World champions in the longer format of Limited Overs Cricket, the entire atmosphere in this cricket-manic country is simply fabulous.
No sooner has the country emerged form the celebrations of wining the ICC Cricket World Cup 2011, new cricket fever in form of IPL has already taken over into the India public.

In this hot Indian what would you get better than the cricketific atmosphere.
However it is hight impossible for many Indians to leave their job to enjoy cricket so as this season’s IPL is promoted using the “BHARAT BAND” motto, so that people could enjoy the IPL, but is it really impossible for people to leave up their jobs they do to earn their earnings just to enjoy cricket.

Since India is a young country where most of the Indians are young and often this country is termed as YOUNGISTAAN, many Indians are addicted to the internet mostly via social networking site. Also many Indians have already enjoyed the live streaming of the ICC cricket World Cup 2011 live, SO I wish to share such a similar type pf website with you.
CRICKET FRIENDLY is one of such websites that helps you in enjoying live streaming of the game, so you can enjoy from any place any time.


About josain

I am from India, the world's largest democracy.
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