Click-Trick on ClixSense

I joined in the well known ptc site ‘clixsense’ long back. But, unfortunately, I didn’t clicked the ads regularly, because of unavailability of ads.When I am logged in and look for ads to click,a comment will be appeared showing that ‘no clix for you’.I dis-appointed to see this every day and ignored the site. But at times I used to log-in not to disable my account.Under this condition also my earning raised to more than $2.Actually I liked this site, but not getting the ads. I noticed some discussions about clixsense that people are not getting ads to click.The same problem I was experiencing.Myself also participated in those discussions and shared my problem.Some body suggested there to install Clixsense tool Bar. Clixsense does not having any fixed time to show the ads.The ads appears at random times according to the availability of the ads.As this is the the case,installing a tool bar on the browser, will show the ads at the time it is available and can be noticed immediately. I thought that this may be right and decided to install clixsense tool bar on my browser.I am surprised to see many times a day the ads are appearing on the tool bar.Now I am getting enough ads everyday to click.If any body is experiencing the problem I explained can try this trick.


About josain

I am from India, the world's largest democracy.
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2 Responses to Click-Trick on ClixSense

  1. I haven’t tried clixsence.
    I like this ensuring info.
    Thanks for knowing.

  2. Mei Mei says:

    I’ll see the site.
    See you!

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