Lesson Learned..

I have my website:’josechukkiri‘ and blogs : ‘chukkiri‘ and ‘Trinity‘. The site ‘josechukkiri’ had a google ranking of PR1. But ,after few months, the site’s page rank lowered to zero.I surprised why the rank has come down.I inquired every possible forums and SEO discussions for getting a clue.

I used to post frequently in my blogs. Both of my blogs were scored below page rank zero.I was annoyed very much.I was always thinking how to increase a step forward in the ranking.

As a means of getting revenue , I had placed many ads on my site. I thought that visitors will click on the ads and income will generate. Making online earning was the sole intention of this motive. Further, I thought that small images of banner ads will improve the visualization of the sites.

By going through SEO articles and forum discussions, I came to know that ‘out going links’ from a site will distract the search engines. So, naturally, the page rank will decrease.

Immediately I started to remove all my ads from the blogs as well as from the site.

Suddenly, to my surprise, my site’s rank raised to PR1 again and both of my blogs increased a step in ranking, that is, to PR0.

Now I am glad to have this much achievement, even though it is less. I am confident to have further growth in ranking and the subsequent traffic, doing the search engine optimization activities.

I have learned a lesson like this.


About josain

I am from India, the world's largest democracy.
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